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Blockchain Times

Publication  in using Troptions in Real Estate acquisition and trade. Contact:

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Assets held that can be acquired with Troptions and other means.

Troption Currency Trading

Learn how to access public exchange where Troptions and other Crypto related assets are traded.

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Learn about the "Crypto Currency" rage along with the hows and whys

Troptions - how and why

The utility and value behind Troptions and how it works including mobile app.

Join a community of like minded

Meet the real thinkers in the financial arena where you have a likely appreciating asset and group of active individuals and companies ready to trade with Troptions

Do you have too many?

Some smart owner of assets including real estate would rather hold simpler assets like Troptions with no expenses or taxes or maintenance and the list goes on

Hold Troptions 

Holding Troptions allows the holder to enjoy possible appreciation of a scarce asset and act quickly when what you really want when available.


Browser Wallet

How to choose and get your Wallet for Troptions.

Mobile Wallet

How to get your mobile wallet for Troptions

Tokens as Assets

Crypto tokens have the security of unchangeable recording of value.


Growth thru Scarcity

Fiat Government currency suffers from  inflation and is a debt based system


Waitin to get burned

What good is liquidity if the purchasing power goes down not up as in government decreed money.



Not really, many crypto "coins"serve many differing functions.


Liquify Your Assets

Enjoy the potential growth while avoiding costs of taxes, storage, maintenance, depreciation and concern



of  crypto assets




Liquify Your Assets

Enjoy the potential growth without taxes, maintenance, storage and other expenses 


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Explore the new opportunities in the new global asset tokens and currency.

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